CASL and GDPR impacts on Canadian companies

Without a doubt, privacy regulation laws are forcing organizations to change the way data is handled in their systems. Let us have a brief look at the meaning of these laws:

Differences between GDPR and CASL. Source:

CASL and GDPR Impact on Companies Direct Marketing:

Firstly, CASL recognizes two kinds of consent that impact direct marketing. Express consent is straightforward as the marketer has documented verbal permission, or written permission from the recipient to send the message. Implied consent is known to be more challenging as it is consent obtained from a past business relationship such as: an existing…

The Rise in Online Learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the world has moved to using video conferencing platforms to interact and engage with people from all over the world. There are two major groups of people that use these applications the most; one is employees working from home and second is students. Education is an essential and integral part of life and cannot be halted. Due to the closure of schools, colleges and universities, classroom learning has moved to online learning which is become the “new normal.”

The three most popular online learning platforms…

Twesha Nichani

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